Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prom Checklist – Everything you’ll need for that big night

1. The perfect prom dress. The importance of looking your best on prom night cannot be stressed enough – and, it’s something you can start planning now. Don’t waste another minute if you haven’t started searching yet! (Visit our website to view our gorgeous prom collection, or give us a call if you want to get started on looking glamorous on prom night. We’re more than happy to help!)
2. Shoes. A prom dress isn’t complete without matching shoes. Find a pair that will complement your dress.
3. A date. Your best friend, boyfriend, boyfriend’s friend, friend… whoever you choose to go with, make sure you find the right person to spend it with. Prom night is one of those nights that goes into the books, and you want to make sure you enjoy it with the right people.
4. Your date’s tux. If you’re going to look fabulous, your date should too! Make sure he’s got a tux for prom night!
5. Accessories. Don’t forget to glam up! Whether just a simple piece or several accessories, you can never go wrong spicing up your outfit with some earrings, bracelets, or necklaces – whatever looks good.
6. Restaurant and/or hotel reservations. Gotta plan when and where that after party’s gonna be!
7. Prom tickets

Prom night eve and Prom day

1. Eight hours of sleep. You’re going to need as much beauty rest as you can get!
2. An appointment at the salon. Schedule your appointment ahead of time, as salons tend to book quickly during prom season. Also schedule your appointment a couple of hours before prom. Get your hair, nails, and eyebrows done. Wear a buttoned-down shirt so you won’t ruin your hair when you change into your dress afterwards.
3. Bring a camera.
4. Meet your date.
5. Take pictures.
6. Go to prom.
7. Take pictures.
8. HAVE FUN!!!

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