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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy Labor Day Sale!!!

$50.00 Labor Day Coupon

Now, you can celebrate the fruits of your labor wearing one of our stunning evening dresses - at a fraction of the cost! To help you celebrate, we will give you a $50.00 coupon for all dresses that we have in stock worth at least $150.00*. This offer will last from Sept. 4 - 7, 2009 only, so make sure you purchase your dress during the labor day weekend!

Designer Clearance Still On-going!

Sizzling hot deals on gorgeous past-season evening dresses, now placed on further reduction up to 70% off! Just because you're nouveau poor doesn't mean you have to look the part. Now, you can afford to invest in a timeless piece that you'll enjoy for many years to come.

Designer Clearance - $50.00 coupon = Crazy Labor Day Sale!

We're not kidding - you can use your $50.00 labor day coupon an all our dresses, including the ones on clearance. You can visit either of our stores to avail of these crazy deals. You can also log on to our website at http://carrazgowns.com or call our toll-free number at 1877-8227729. The offer expires after labor day weekend, so make that purchase soon!

*This promo offer is subject to stock availability and does not apply to dresses that are special-ordered. For online purchases, the $50.00 discount is applied when the amount is billed to your credit card, after stock availability has been verified. Waiver of the sales tax for out-of-state purchases is also applied when the amount is billed to your credit card.

Crazy Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day Coupon!

Celebrate the fruits of your labor wearing a designer evening dress from Carrazgowns. To help you celebrate, we will be giving you a $50 discount on all evening dresses worth $150.00 and above*. This offer is good from Sept. 4 - 7, 2009 only so place your orders now!

This stunning gown by Terani 508J can be be yours for only $425.00! The latest Terani evening dresses are now available on Carrazgowns.com.

Designer Clearance still On-going!

Enjoy up to 70 - 80% off our clearance evening dresses that have been put on further reduction. These deeply discounted evening dresses definitely put a new spin to recession fashion! Just because you're nouveau poor doesn't mean you have to look the part. Invest in timeless piece that you'll wear for years to come - at the fraction of its original cost.

Labor Day Coupon + Designer Clearance Sale = Sizzling Hot Deals*

We're not kidding! Our promotions can be used in conjunction with each other, so you can use the $50.00 coupon on dresses that are on sale. Those glam sale dresses from Sherry Couture are also included in the promotion, so you'll really get more bling for your buck. This promotion is available in our Glendale and Del Amo branches and online at www.carrazgowns.com. You may also call us toll-free at 1877-8227729.

*For online orders, the $50.00 discount will be applied to the amount billed to your credit card. Waiver of sales tax for purchases from out of state is also applied to the amount billed to your credit card.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sherry Couture: Recession Chic

Fearless fashion types have always looked the way of Sherry Couture for gowns that break the mold. That's because the exquisitely crafted Sherry Couture evening gowns usually skirt the cutting edge of fashion (no pun intended). With their startling color combinations, extravagant embellishment and creative silhouettes, Sherry Couture injects unparalleled quality into visionary design to create stunning, unique gowns with a fresh spin.
Sherry Couture fans can now indulge themselves without having to splurge, with the Sherry Couture Sale ongoing on carrazgowns.com. Take this gorgeous gown worn by Ms. Hawaii, style #7113. Originally retailing for over $700, this best-selling gown can now be had at the unbelievable price of $350. That's an almost 50% discount for a dress that has gone down in the annals of fashion history!

Frill-seekers, maximalists, style muses and fashion visionaries need look no further than carrazgowns.com for Sherry Couture dresses that exude that energetic, cosmopolitan vibe. Thie sale redefines recession chic!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Clearance at Carraz

Looks like the recession is still affecting everyone. That's why we've got a great selection of evening dresses on sale - both online and in-store. At our Glendale location, we had a couple of customers walk out with dresses previously hanging on our clearance racks. The great thing is that it’s not easy to tell that the dresses those customers walked out with today were on clearance: one customer walked out with a pink junior dress in impeccable condition.

Even though most customers take time to debate about whether they want to buy clearance dresses or not, a good number realize that the clearance items are definitely worth it.

While we may only have physical locations in Southern California, we’ve expanded our affordable gowns to our online store! (Check out the clearance dresses on our website.) No matter where you’re from you can still take advantage of huge savings on our great bargains online.

Aside from all this, we’re still getting Fall collections from the top designers up on our website. Right now we’ve got Jovani, Scala, Sherri Hill, Bari Jay Bridesmaids, Faviana, Tony Bowls, Rina di Montella, Jean de Lys (by Alyce Designs), Black Label (by Alyce Designs), Caviar, Sherry Couture, and Montage gowns online. Be on the lookout for collections from more designers. We will be posting updates as soon as dresses go up online.

Beat the tough economic times! Visit carrazgowns.com to view our huge selections of evening gowns, mother of bride dresses, and even homecoming dresses.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebrity Dresses Now Available at Carrazgowns.com!

If there's one thing that Faviana is known for, it's their take on red carpet fashions. Faviana's Fall '09 collection sizzles with celebrity appeal, featuring styles inspired by some of Hollywood's brightest stars. Newly uploaded on Carrazgowns.com, Faviana dresses are now available for divas who want to look good on and off the red carpet. These hot styles will definitely up the drama factor, regardless of the event! Best of all, owning a celebrity dress doesn't have to break the bank - you get the glitz and glamour without going bankrupt.

Take this hot dress worn by Natalie Portman to the 2009 Oscars at the Kodak Theater last February. She was pretty in pink wearing a fabulous creation by Rodarte, paired off with Stella McCartney shoes. In soft chiffon and embellished with dazzling beadwork, Faviana's version 6425 oozes over with star quality. Available in a similar watermelon color, you'll be just as pretty in pink for sure!

Regardless of the season or reason, no reason why you can't sparkle with your own brand of star quality wearing a celebrity dress by Faviana. For more stellar creations by Faviana, log on to www.carrazgowns.com.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clearance Sale!!!

Sale!!! Up to 80% off!!! Up the drama factor in this stunning evening by Jovani. Gorgeous designer gowns can be yours at unbelievable prices - for as low as $49!!! See our evening dresses* for sizzling hot deals and steals available only at http://carrazgowns.com/.
*Sales on clearance items are on an as-is, where-is basis. All clearance items are Final Sale. Availability of clearance items is limited and orders will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NEW collections up on our website!

We've got BRAND NEW Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses, Faviana evening dresses, and Scala homecoming dresses up on our website!

Browse the LATEST Fall 2009 collections from top designers at http://carrazgowns.com.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NEW Tony Bowls Evenings 2009 dresses!

We've got the NEW 2009 Tony Bowls Evenings dresses online! Check it out at http://carrazgowns.com/items/evening-dresses/tony-bowls-evenings/page1.html.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sherri Hill Styles on Carrazgowns.com

The makers of the famous fish dress, Sherri Hill, presents a stunning Fall collection that features a diverse range of lengths, styles and silhouettes. Just when we thought that nothing could beat the gorgeous styles of Spring '09, we are treated to the eye candy that is the Fall collection of Sherri Hill.

Sherri Hill's Fall collection features the tried-and-true classics of Spring, best-selling dresses that were so good they deserved an encore. This includes, of course, the much-lauded fish dress with its mermaid silhouette and beadwork resembling fish scales all over its skirt. Another classic, Sherri Hill 1102 was a celebrity dress worn by Jordin Sparks on the red carpet.

Of course, there are the trademark baby doll dresses that are uniquely Sherri Hill. Frothy confections in every imaginable color for the fun and feminine lass looking for a flirty frock. From last season, we see baby doll dresses like 1050 and 1101 which topped the charts during Spring '09 and graced many a dance floor. There are also new styles like 1100 to 1104, 2102 and 2105 in every color of the rainbow: pleasant pastels, deep reds and even plaids and prints for the scottish lassies. If you're looking for a cocktail dress that will let you get your girly groove on, Sherri Hill is definitely the way to go.

Sherri Hill's fall collection is now available on carrazgowns.com. Order now!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Remembering the Fish Dress

Sherri Hill had an outstanding season last prom '09, with her collection of knock-out prom dresses. This came as no surprise to us, since Sherri Hill is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience under her belt.

There was one style that stood out in Sherri Hill's Spring Collection, a best-selling prom dress that flew out of our stores and filled up our online order slips. The first one one was Sherri Hill 2018, fondly referred to by us as The Fish Dress. Brilliantly designed to resemble fish scales, this mermaid dress made fashion history for us. Not a day during prom season went by that we didn't see some activity on that style - someone trying it on, getting it altered, walking out of the store with it, ordering it online or purchasing it over the phone. "Best-seller" is an understatement for that dress.

We remember poignantly a proud father who went prom shopping with his gorgeous daughter (size 2), determined to find her a dress that she deserved. The look in his eye when she stepped out of our fitting rooms wearing The Fish Dress is something we will always remember. Now, this is not a cheap dress, but the father had absolutely no reservations about purchasing it for her. Not only was his daughter an A-student and a part of prom court, she was also a good girl who gave him no trouble whatsoever. This dress was her reward for a job well done.

We are also happy to announce that The Fish Dress by Sherri Hill is being carried over to the fall season. Young women can still have it for their next special occasion by visiting either of our stores or our online store, carrazgowns.com. But first, they have to be deserving :)

For our other loyal customers who purchased The Fish Dress, we'd love to see your pictures and hear your stories! Please e-mail us at info@carrazgowns.com or visit us on Facebook.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do You Dare Wear Sherry?

The latest Evening Dresses by Sherry Couture were uploaded on our website, carrazgowns.com. This latest collection blazes a fashion trail with gowns that are avante garde and truly one-of-a-kind. With their thrust for innovation, Sherry Couture's style usually stays on the cutting edge of fashion - and this collection is no exception.

The collection features a wide range of styles, from the simplest cocktail dresses to the most elaborate formal gowns. One of the dresses highlighted in this collection was a mock-turtleneck sleeveless creation worn by Ms. Hawaii when she was crowned. It is a lavishly embellished gown with a nude bodice covered by gems, truly one of a kind.

Best of all, most of the styles in this collection have their plus size counterparts. Sherry Couture's take on plus size evening retains the originality and exquisite attention to detail that this line is known for. Figure-flattering and fabulous, these plus size gowns ranging from sizes 16 - 20 will be the highlight of any event.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Jovani Dresses Uploaded

The latest Mother of Bride Dresses by Jovani were uploaded on carrazgowns.com. Jovani's fall collection features a gorgeous line-up of gowns, including some of the best-selling styles that have made it from one season to the next.

One of these evening dresses, Jovani 15254, was worn by celebrity Kate Burton when she traipsed down the red carpet during the 2009 Tony Awards. This fine feathered confection is only one among over a hundred dresses in the collection. The Fall Collection also features 48 new styles that are brand and new and absolutely stunning.

Always a crowd favorite, Jovani is a popular choice for evening dresses. Their line-up includes prom dresses, mother of bride dresses and lots more. Carrazgowns has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Jovani and is proud to be one of Jovani's premier evening retailers.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In-store tidbit: Window change

Our Glendale store underwent another window renovation today.

The front of the store boasts dresses in daunting shades of brown and pink.

The Mother of Bride wall hosts alternating mother of bride dresses in light blue, light pink, and brown colors.

Soft pink and blue dresses fill up the prom wall section of the Glendale store.

Friday, July 10, 2009

In-store tidbit: don’t let the economy get the best of your special occasions

These economic times may be tough, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your special occasions as special as you want them to be.

At Carraz we’ve introduced a section of evening dresses and prom dresses in our stores where you can find pieces for just $49.99!

We’re also offering a 20% discount to brides and their party who register with us in-store. Parties and/or guests who purchase a minimum of 6 dresses, whether they be wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, or mother of bride dresses, will entitle the bride to a FREE set of gloves, a tiara, and a purse!

Bridesmaids who purchase any bridesmaid gown from our stores will get a complimentary pair of exquisite earrings for FREE.

Also, be on the lookout for our 50% off storewide sale coming soon!!! Updates will be posted on our blogs, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Have any questions? Drop us a line at info@carrazgowns.com.

Our Glendale store currently displays beautiful pink and ivory dresses.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Get that Haute Look for Spring!

Get that Haute Look at Carraz Gowns!

A designer dress may be expensive, but if you choose wisely you’ll discover what a good investment it really is. Here’s why:

· Designer garb adheres to the highest quality standards, and their craftmanship makes them more durable. If you select a classic and versatile style, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of your dress. You will be able to wear it to other social occasions like weddings, bar mitzvahs, quincenearas and other formal parties.

· A designer dress is crafted using luxurious fabrics, with exquisite attention to detail. Aside from its inherent beauty, it will make you feel like a million bucks! The confidence you will radiate in a
designer dress is worth far more than what you paid for it.

· A designer dress is the product of imagination, and its originality distinguishes it from the rest. A good knock-off can imitate the look, fabric and style details but still fail to capture its essence. There’s nothing in the world like the real thing!

Prom may last just one night, but the finery you will wear to it can last forever. At carrazgowns.com, we offer you the widest range of designer dresses for you to choose from - in the end, you may get more bang for your buck if you go the haute route!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Upcoming trunkshows

Join us as we host trunk shows you won't want to miss! Get the chance to try on dresses, decide your preference on dress fabric, and pick the perfect colors! At each of our trunk shows we'll be displaying incredible collections of the top designers in the industry! Come in during the following dates to get the latest fashion advice from our reliable fashion consultants, and find your perfect prom dress.

March 27 - 29 Jovani
April 10 - 12 Sherri Hill

April 3 - 5 Alyce Designs and La Femme
April 17 - 19 Mori Lee and Sherri Hill

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
1175 Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA 91210 (818) 545-0724
221 Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 371-7386
www.carrazgowns.com info@carrazgowns.com

See you at our trunk shows!

Sheer & Sexy Prom Dresses '09!

Sheer and Sexy Prom Dresses at Carraz Gowns!

The hottest prom dresses seem to be those that are barely there, with deeply plunging necklines, open backs, side cut-outs, keyhole openings and slits slashed to the thigh. For the more modest style-seeker sheer or transparent fabric layered over skin or nude lining is a popular choice. Dresses with sheer cover-ups offer a wonderful alternative - they hide flaws well while keeping it sexy. Best of all, they keep you warm at night!!!

-Jovani 195989

-Jovani 1551169

-Terani 1595P

-Terani 1236P

-Tony Bowls Paris 19755

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Carpet glam dresses at Carraz Gowns!

Red Carpet Glam!
Catch the Oscars fever! Party like a star in a dress worthy of any red carpet - without breaking your budget.
For amazing celebrity dresses, visit us at http://www.carrazgowns.com/ or e-mail us at info@carrazgowns.com.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Prom Date

Worrying about who to take to prom?

There are so many options that it’s totally unnecessary for you to stress about it (if you are).

Your prom date could be:

Your best friend

Your boyfriend

A guy friend

A girl friend

If you’re one of those people building up the courage to ask a crush to prom, remember the Nike motto:


In the long run, the only thing that should matter about your prom date is that it is somebody you can enjoy the night with.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prom Checklist – Everything you’ll need for that big night

1. The perfect prom dress. The importance of looking your best on prom night cannot be stressed enough – and, it’s something you can start planning now. Don’t waste another minute if you haven’t started searching yet! (Visit our website to view our gorgeous prom collection, or give us a call if you want to get started on looking glamorous on prom night. We’re more than happy to help!)
2. Shoes. A prom dress isn’t complete without matching shoes. Find a pair that will complement your dress.
3. A date. Your best friend, boyfriend, boyfriend’s friend, friend… whoever you choose to go with, make sure you find the right person to spend it with. Prom night is one of those nights that goes into the books, and you want to make sure you enjoy it with the right people.
4. Your date’s tux. If you’re going to look fabulous, your date should too! Make sure he’s got a tux for prom night!
5. Accessories. Don’t forget to glam up! Whether just a simple piece or several accessories, you can never go wrong spicing up your outfit with some earrings, bracelets, or necklaces – whatever looks good.
6. Restaurant and/or hotel reservations. Gotta plan when and where that after party’s gonna be!
7. Prom tickets

Prom night eve and Prom day

1. Eight hours of sleep. You’re going to need as much beauty rest as you can get!
2. An appointment at the salon. Schedule your appointment ahead of time, as salons tend to book quickly during prom season. Also schedule your appointment a couple of hours before prom. Get your hair, nails, and eyebrows done. Wear a buttoned-down shirt so you won’t ruin your hair when you change into your dress afterwards.
3. Bring a camera.
4. Meet your date.
5. Take pictures.
6. Go to prom.
7. Take pictures.
8. HAVE FUN!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Prom 2009 Fashion Forecast

Still going head over heels debating about what to wear to prom? No worries! The following styles are anticipated to be among the most fashionable styles in the industry!

Mermaid cut dresses

Jovani 195989

Grecian cut dresses

La Femme 14334

Short dresses

Alyce Designs 2009, 6389

Print dresses

Dalia 3060

Multicolored print dresses

Faviana 6333

Animal print dresses

Mac Duggal Couture 2009, 29990D

Be the belle of the ball at prom in any of those dresses and you’re sure to look flattering on prom night!

Friday, January 9, 2009

For Plus Sizes

Whether you’re a size 00, a size 26, or even a size 30, Carraz takes your fashion needs into the utmost consideration.

No matter what your size, Carraz carries hundreds of dresses guaranteed to fulfill your needs.

If you fall into the plus size range, rest assured that our store carries the widest variety of plus size dresses to meet your fashion desires:

If you’re looking for an empire-cut plus size dress…

Faviana 9140

If you’re looking for a mermaid plus size dress…

Cassandra Stone II K3207

A ball gown style plus size dress…

Aurora Formals 9057

A short plus size dress…

Jovani 15211

A long plus size dress…

Alyce Designs 29088

A multicolored plus size dress…

Jovani 1552130B

An animal print plus size dress…

Cassandra Stone II K1013

Don’t sweat it! Carraz has it all taken care of. With designers (such as Alyce Designs, Cassandra Stone II, Faviana, Fabulouss, Jovani, and new designer Aurora Formal) solely dedicated to plus-sized women, you’ll never have to panic over what to wear at an upcoming social occasion.

Click here to visit our wide collection plus size dress.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Fashion Resolution

New Year’s Fashion Resolution

A warm Happy New Year to all of you!

As we all know, one of the most common commitments that comes along with a new year is a New Year’s Resolution.

What is a New Year’s Resolution?

It is simply a promise you make to yourself – more importantly, New Year’s Resolutions are usually commitments made to better your life and/or lifestyle.

While New Year’s Resolutions are oftentimes associated with dropping the pounds everyone tends to gain, with holiday festivities and all, Carraz proposes another way to feel better about yourself – without the hassle of losing weight.

Instead of struggling to conform to the ideal weight TV tells you, why not consider setting a fashion-oriented New Year’s Resolution?

2008 was filled with a bunch of fashion boo-boos.

From Cher’s uncanny get up at the 2008 Grammies

to the grassy ensemble worn by Madonna at the 2008 Gucci-sponsored UNICEF benefit...

the fashion police this year had a lot of work to do.

There’s a famous saying that goes, “If you feel good on the inside, then you’ll feel good on the outside.”

Who said you need to lose weight to feel good on the inside? Does it really make you feel better? Or do you do it because the media says it’s unacceptable if you can’t fit into a size 4?

When skinny jeans broke out as a fashion trend this year, how many people actually wore it because they thought skinny jeans were fashionable? How many people wore it simply because skinny jeans were set as the trend?

You don’t have to follow the status quo in the fashion industry.

For 2009, we challenge you, instead of being a follower, to be a trendsetter. Go with what you think looks good. If you wear what you feel comfortable and confident in, then you’ll look comfortable and confident.

Wishing you the best in all your fashion endeavors this 2009,

Carraz Gowns