Saturday, August 1, 2009

Remembering the Fish Dress

Sherri Hill had an outstanding season last prom '09, with her collection of knock-out prom dresses. This came as no surprise to us, since Sherri Hill is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience under her belt.

There was one style that stood out in Sherri Hill's Spring Collection, a best-selling prom dress that flew out of our stores and filled up our online order slips. The first one one was Sherri Hill 2018, fondly referred to by us as The Fish Dress. Brilliantly designed to resemble fish scales, this mermaid dress made fashion history for us. Not a day during prom season went by that we didn't see some activity on that style - someone trying it on, getting it altered, walking out of the store with it, ordering it online or purchasing it over the phone. "Best-seller" is an understatement for that dress.

We remember poignantly a proud father who went prom shopping with his gorgeous daughter (size 2), determined to find her a dress that she deserved. The look in his eye when she stepped out of our fitting rooms wearing The Fish Dress is something we will always remember. Now, this is not a cheap dress, but the father had absolutely no reservations about purchasing it for her. Not only was his daughter an A-student and a part of prom court, she was also a good girl who gave him no trouble whatsoever. This dress was her reward for a job well done.

We are also happy to announce that The Fish Dress by Sherri Hill is being carried over to the fall season. Young women can still have it for their next special occasion by visiting either of our stores or our online store, But first, they have to be deserving :)

For our other loyal customers who purchased The Fish Dress, we'd love to see your pictures and hear your stories! Please e-mail us at or visit us on Facebook.

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