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How to Be Prom Queen

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Prom is definitely one event every high school teen can’t afford to miss: good times are shared, memories are made, and…

prom king and prom queen are elected.

It’s every girl’s wish to be prom queen because it makes prom night even more memorable. While becoming prom queen may seem way beyond reach, simply planning ahead of time and following a few easy steps can make becoming prom queen an attainable goal.

How to Be Prom Queen:

1. Find out the nomination procedure. The most typical nomination process consists of class nominations.
2. Get nominated. Ask your friends to nominate you.
3. Network yourself to as many people as possible. Because prom queen is elected, it is necessary to acquire the most number of votes. A well-known, respected, and admirable senior has a good chance of being elected prom queen.
4. Be humble. Just like political campaigns, you want to be seen doing community service and charitable acts. Appeal to people with charisma.
5. Avoid tensions with others. You don’t want anybody with hard feelings towards you. Ensure that you are on good terms with everyone.
6. Accept your award for prom queen. When you finally reach your goal and claim the title of prom queen, it’s important to look and feel like a prom queen. It’s important that you’ve got the most glamorous, fabulous, and one-of-a-kind prom dress. It’s important that you’ve got a prom dress that makes you stand out in the crowd.

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Michelle said...

While I wasn't prom queen, I FELT like a queen in my gown that I got at

I was so happy with my gown!